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Robhinhood Brokers wanted to reach to policy buyers helping them choose the best policies through digital channels.

We worked with Robhinhood Brokers to bring their offline idea online and enhance it with personalisation and rich interaction to make it even more user friendly. Challenge was to design UX based insurance comparison web portal and to avoid typical trap of lengthy & cumbersome process to zero down on a policy. Our resulting customer centric designs for Beeinsured website created wow user experience


01 Conceptualization

Strategies were brainstormed & conceptualized creating prototype using wireframe.

02 Wireframe

Worked on skeletal framework to emphasize the details of a site’s architecture, functionality and content placement prior to visual design. Wireframe were made clickable explaining process & workflow.

03 Focus Group Study

Visual designs were than shown to focus group to validate the site structure. Post focus group feedback and suggestions designs were changed to suit the requirements of the customers browsing the site.

04 Visual Designs

Wireframe was later put to reality by adding colors & catchy icons and value adding UX and UI.

05 Execution

Finally experts added life to a website to take it live with HTML & CSS programming languages.


We defined a set of guiding User Experience principles to make the project a success.

Interaction Design

Nothing makes a form more boring than a long, drab, list of things to fill out specially when doing it for Term & Life insurance policies.
Consumers shy away from filling in forms however on the website the interaction was seamless, the forms were chosen to be graphically appealing & interacted with consumer like they are conversing with consumer.
Insights were on search result page where users were aided to find the right policy by giving insurance metrics and qualitative comparison helping them choose insurance or premium they want.

Visual Design

Crafted a website that is beautiful, helpful and clear.
Designs were made keeping in mind the name and the brand of Beeinsured. The symbol bee was hence carried forward as the deign idea & various policies are shown in the form of bee. The designs were kept colourful and clutter free to avoid any visual chaos.
Basically worked on the powerful combination of fine typography, excellent copywriting and visual treat to the visitor’s eye.


With the happy client, happy policy buyer and happy we- Beeinsured has been a success for both the brand & consumers. Beeinsured has a unique brand recognition and identity in online insurance portal.

The experience of the site is designed in such a way that it eliminates the flaws and has mind boggling experience in insurance sector.


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  • Techved Consulting India Pvt. Ltd. has given the best performance in a tight schedule. We are happy with the result.

  • Techved had helped us at a very critical time, when we undertook a major revamp of our site, their in-depth research with the population of our ecosystem guided us in designing the navigation, content layout and even the creative look and feel.

    Brijesh Menon (Manager - Marketing, Patni Computer Systems Ltd.)
  • We would like to thank Techved Consulting for the hard work, dedication and support demonstrated during the project.

    Samsung Design (Delhi)