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Most recently, Techved Consulting India Pvt. Ltd. has worked on an assignment with People Interactive in 2008. They were hired to conduct a usability benchmarking exercise in the internet matrimony space. We were quite satisfied with the final results of the exercise. They were extremely professional and the feedback has been great from internal stakeholders within our organization. Hope this helps anyone who is planning to utilize their services in design, usability, or any of their areas of expertise

- Prashanth Thiruvaipati
(VP Product Management, People Interactive)

Working with TechVed has been a real pleasure. They really understood my needs as a client and were fantastic in understanding the needs of our customers. I recommend them highly enough.

- Jonathan Roper
(Director Briarbird, Melbourne)

It was a great learning experience being at the Web Usability Workshop & I would like to thank you for the same

- Sourabh Arora
(Founder and CEO)

We would like to thank Techved Consulting for the hard work, dedication and support demonstrated during the project

- Samsung Design

Just a note to say thank you for a job well done. Your findings are very helpful and substantiate several areas that we will be working on as we refine the design. We look forward to working with you in the future.

- Jack Bellis
(Sr. Information Architect, User-Centered Design, Elsevier.)

It was a pleasure listening to your talk on UX in India. Those subtle nothings that people do not notice mean can create a world of difference.

- Sreechand Tavva
(Engineer, Artoo)

Techved Consulting India Pvt. Ltd. has given the best performance in a tight schedule. We are happy with the result

- Paypal

Apart from the design of the websites, the inputs that TechVed gave us on the usability of the website were really great and that really helped us to organize the website better. Most importantly the inputs were not only based on their experience but they put in all the efforts to contact the users of our website and taking their feedback. Most importantly, even after the website work has been done they have been very supportive and prompt in responding to any of the issues and help that we have asked for.

- Rajesh Guliani
(NGO Post)

Thank You for the very nice and useful Web Usability presentation.

- Alen Balja
(Assistant Vice President - Digital Media Production EBS Worldwide)

I appreciate the patience exhibited by Techved's team in successfully completing the challenging work to our satisfaction level and helping us to a great extent possible with the UI for our web-based platform. My sincere thanks to the team.

- Sourabh Arora
(Iken Solutions Pvt. Ltd.)

Techved conducted a workshop for us on Fundamentals of UI Design. This workshop was attended by top management of our internet companies. The workshop was a success, and all participants benefited significantly. The content, conduct and design of the workshop were very good and highly recommended.

- Anand Lunia
(CFO, SEEDfund)

The team at techved led by Neha came across as pro-active and digitally plugged. They were always open and would listen to our thoughts and later came up with ideas and concepts based on research. Their insight into UI and online consumer behavior is excellent. The team ensured that they are always available and stuck to the deadline. We owe the innovation on the product detail page to the techved team

- Mr. Shiva Pare
(Head E-commerce)

Techved had helped us at a very critical time, when we undertook a major revamp of our site, their in-depth research with the population of our ecosystem guided us in designing the navigation, content layout and even the creative look and feel.

- Brijesh Menon
(Manager - Marketing, Patni Computer Systems Ltd.)


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